The Services We Offer

  • Photography

    Whether you want to pursue your passion for photography or aim for a professional career, we have a comprehensive program for you. We will teach you how to take control of your camera, know the secrets of exposure, lighting, and lenses. By the end of the course you will be able to create the perfect shot in all conditions. The course offers an introduction to a wide variety of photography including social events, nature, landscapes, wildlife, studio, still life and more.

  • Video Journalism

    Our intensive broadcast journalism workshops teach the fundamental principles of video journalism. The training covers the following aspects: -Introduction to Video Journalism: -Shooting process -Storytelling -Editing -Understanding audio and voice tracking.

  • Media Production

    We create inspiring content that engages, informs and motivates the people you want to reach. We do it all, from concept to completion ,from local companies to international corporations ,businesses of all sizes. Our films and commercials are superbly crafted with strong visual storytelling and high production values.

  • Corporate Communication

    We help companies inform, engage, motivate, persuade and build bridges with their communities. We provide a full range of public relations, marketing, digital and corporate communication services that help companies. A poor corporate language can do a great deal of harm to its brand. So, we offer our clients solutions to make their corporate voices clear, concise and distinct.

  • Event Planning

    Special events are crucial (gatherings) for companies and organizations. Our planners can step in and give the events the attention they deserve by conducting research, creating the event design, choosing the perfect venue, coordinating the activities and conducting the evaluations of the event. We bring our best to ensure the events we plan create unforgettable memories.

  • Public Speaking

    If you want to tame your anxiety of public speaking, join our workshop. The training gives you the necessary skills to connect with our audience and speak with confidence. The course explores the latest communication techniques by the end of the training you will be able to: -Deliver a presentation effectively -Have confidence in giving presentations -Fully engage and involve your audience -Develop successful strategies to manage people and conflict situations.


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